The Committee

We were fortunate to have a dedicated and enthusiastic list of committee members making this project a reality!
We are in alphabetical order:

Sheena Calibani  (Teacher at Victory School)
Wayne Cormier  (Heavily involved with community - is a former Councillor in the late 1980's, also former owner of Cormier Adjusting Limited)
Kelly Crowhurst  (Teacher at Victory School and a former Student of the school)
Andrea Gaspar  (CEO of Parry Sound Public Library)
Nadine Hammond  (Curator/Manager of the West Parry Sound District Museum - The Museum on Tower Hill)
Lynda Hanna  (Former Student of Victory School)
Deanna Jackson  (Former Teacher at Victory School)
Kim Marshall  (Teacher at William Beatty School)
Josey McCann  (Secretary)
Thom Morrissey  (Former Principal at Victory School)
Tabitha Stapleton  (Victory School Historian)
Len Yauk  (Former Superintendent of Education of the then Parry Sound Area School Board - very much involved in community through a number of boards and committees)
Doug McCann  (Chairman)


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