In The News

The Parry Sound Victory School Commemorative Project received great support from the community as well as the media!  Following are links to some of the news coverage for which we have been very grateful!

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Victory School commemorative book and DVD to be released
January 30, 2015, Parry Sound Beacon Star

This weekend: farewell to Victory School
May 27, 2015, Parry Sound North Star

Victory Public School hosts goodbye party
June 3, 2015, Parry Sound North Star

Mother, sister, daughter trio share fond memories of Victory School
June 3, 2015, Parry Sound North Star

Victory veteran passes on positive outlook
Second World War veteran Ernie Watthey, dies, leaving behind a legacy of love for community, school and country
October 28, 2015, Parry Sound North Star

Project launch party kicks off Wednesday afternoon
December 20, 2016, Moose FM News

Victory School Commemorative Project Launch
December 21, 2016, Moose FM News

Parry Sound Victory School commemorative book, DVD unveiled
January 6, 2017, Parry Sound North Star