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About the Victory School Commemorative Book & DVD

Victory School is unique in its history here in Parry Sound.  It was named in honour of the victory of World War I.  Its architectural design is like no other institution in this area.  It has been the home of a very special community over the generations and has garnered an incomparable love and loyalty from those who attended as students and as staff employed there.

Victory School ChalkboardOur goal was to produce a documentary/human interest retrospect on Victory School.  We interviewed past and present students and staff, looked at the founding of the school and its naming, collected stories and photos.  The completed project includes a 4-DVD set and a commemorative book.  The book contains 50 pages, 100 printed sides in colour!  This is a multi-media project which will serve as a record of the history of the school and those connected with it over the decades!

We were fortunate to have a great team of people involved (see Our Committee).  Our first meeting was held on December 15th, 2015.  With the Official Unveiling of this project at the West Parry Sound District Museum on December 21st, 2016, it has been two years in the making!

The idea of producing such a project was nearly given up until people began stepping forward with suggestions.  This initiative soon took on a tremendous momentum - a life of its own!

Copies of the Commemorative Book & 4-DVD Set have been distributed to area libraries and to the West Parry Sound District Museum.  Units were also made available for sale to the public at large.

This project has been dedicated in the memory of Harry E. Tate, Principal and Teacher at Victory School for 35 years.  He served from 1928 to 1963 and garnered much respect and affection.  We have been able to make contact with all 13 of Harry's grandchildren and each has received a complimentary copy of this project.  They were most delighted and appreciative of the honour bestowed upon their grandfather.

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